New player in Toronto communications landscape aims to remedy ‘broken’ PR model

StrategyCorp launches strategic communications offering to empower organizations for the new realities of managing reputations

The Toronto PR/communications landscape got a new player this week with StrategyCorp Chairman, David MacNaughton announcing the launch of the veteran public affairs firm’s new strategic communications practice – an offering that combines the discipline of political communications and the best practices of digital and corporate communications to address the realities of reputation management today. “We’ve built this practice to give clients the tools they need to face the complex job of communicating today.  The old model of calling in your PR team when an issue or crisis arises is broken. Dialing PR 911 doesn’t work in the digital media environment we have today,” said MacNaughton, current Chairman of StrategyCorp and former North American CEO of Hill and Knowlton. “We help clients develop a strategic approach to digital and traditional communications so they’re not only telling strong stories when times are good, but are well prepared before trouble hits because the time to respond to protect your reputation has become so small,” added MacNaughton.

StrategyCorp is a unique communications firm – the practice combines political communicators with a track record of successfully leading political campaigns at national and provincial levels, and corporate communications/PR experts with experience developing and protecting the reputations of organizations including some of the largest companies in Canada.

Led by John Perenack, StrategyCorp’s communications practice features a team of accomplished business and political communications experts with decades of experience helping organizations tell their stories. “StrategyCorp stands out because our communications experience is grounded in a fundamental understanding of how businesses and governments work, but also in how traditional and digital media are changing the way organizations need to communicate,” said Perenack.“Our deep understanding of these areas gives us the ability to collaborate and help companies shape communications plans and execute strategies to achieve their goals.”

StrategyCorp’s strategic communications service offering includes: reputation management and rehabilitation, communications planning, media relations, issues management, crisis communications, litigation communications, corporate and financial communications, internal communications, and media training.

About StrategyCorp

StrategyCorp is Canada’s trusted public affairs and strategic business services advisor.  Led by an unmatched team of political, business and communications strategists, we bring smart,unconventional problem solving capabilities to every client engagement.  We offer a unique suite of services that enable us to craft comprehensive solutions to complex business and organizational challenges. Our skilled consultants bring together unparalleled experience in strategic communications and reputation management, government advocacy, management consulting, mergers & acquisitions strategy, and land use planning strategy.

StrategyCorp was founded in 1995 and has offices in Toronto and Ottawa.


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