Leslie Noble is one of Canada’s leading strategic public affairs professionals.

A founder of StrategyCorp, she applies her experience to assist private sector companies seeking to maximize the benefits of their involvement in the public policy process or position themselves for success with key stakeholders.

Leslie believes strongly that corporate reputation and the factors that impact it should be a key consideration of any business strategy. Helping clients identify the non-operational barriers to and accelerators of corporate success is a main focus of her work.

Leslie’s issues and crisis management expertise have resulted in the successful resolution of many business and public policy challenges for her clients in a wide variety of sectors, including health care, energy, financial institutions, infrastructure financing and Natural Resources.

Prior to forming StrategyCorp in 1995, she built an extensive private consulting practice, serving a number of prominent Canadian and foreign firms in numerous sectors.

Leslie’s political activity in the Conservative Party is well-known. She has served as a strategic advisor on numerous general election and leadership campaigns both federally and provincially, including as Campaign Manager for Ontario Premier Mike Harris in his successful 1995 and 1999 campaigns.

Leslie’s government experience includes service in the offices of the Ontario Minister of Treasury and Economics and the Ontario Minister of Education.

She is a frequent commentator in various news media on politics and government.

Leslie holds a BA (Hons) in Political Economy from the University of Toronto, and has served on the Board of Directors of Mount Sinai Hospital, the Toronto International Film Festival and the Albany Club of Toronto.